One Fret Makes A Difference

Release Date 2009


Band Members

Fran Kent -  Guitar and Vocal
Matt Gray -  Banjo and Vocal
Jason Mellow -  Bass and Vocal
Jeff Shippy - Fiddle

With Guest Ken Sager on Mandolin on "Time of Your Life"



In The Beginning

An 8 song EP version of One Fret Makes A Difference was released earlier in 2008 as the band's freshman offering.  It was quickly embraced by the American bluegrass community of DJ's, media and fans prompting a full, 14 song album release early in 2009.

    A Brief Review Scape

Honest like a hard day’s work and tasty like cold beverage at  the end of that day” - the Columbian

 "I love your tracks - such superb musicianship with a very distinctive sound"  - WYN  

"This reminds me of the music I was raised on. It brings back wonderful memories of another time... Her voice, those guitars and banjos... I like pretty much everything." - Fan Review