Bits and Pieces

Release Date November 2017


Bits and Pieces is a 15 song anthology of the
Urban Monroes 4 prior CD releases.

It is available to fans as a physical CD at the
Urban Monroes store

Fans can also buy these songs digitally at iTunes
from the original CD's they appeared on

   Prior Urban Monroes Albums are:

-One Fret Makes A Difference
-Pavement and Pathways
-Appaloosa Daydream
-Playing in the Snow

Dj's can find Bits and Pieces at Airplay Direct 

and can request a physical copy




Albums that the songs from Bits and Pieces originally appeared on:

1.Sink or Swim – Pavement and Pathways

     2.Little Maggie - One Fret Makes A Difference

3.Old Joe Clark – One Fret Makes A Difference

4. Secret Agent Man – Pavement and Pathways

5. How Mountain Girls Can Love – One Fret Makes A Difference

6. When the Aspens - Pavement and Pathways

7. Fireball Mail - One Fret Makes A Difference

8. Hole in My Heart - Appaloosa Daydream

9. On My Way - Upcoming Album

    10. Time of Your Life – Pavement and Pathways

11. Never My Love - Appaloosa Daydream

12. White River - One Fret Makes A Difference

13. William’s Still Alive - Upcoming Album

14. Do You Hear What I Hear – Playing in the Snow

15. Mr. Grinch - Playing in the Snow