Appaloosa Daydream


CHARTS Following the CD's Release




Matt Gray - Banjo
Annie Staninec - Fiddle

Fran Kent - Guitar and Vocals
 Jarod Stevens - Bass

With Very Special Guest Jim Chatfield on Bass on
Never My Love and Big Mon


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"...emotionally-enriched, vigorously dynamic bluegrass lacking only in pretense and tedium." -The Oregonian
---------------------, fresh, invigorating, and as infectious as kindergarten chicken-pox. You get a full emotional infusion with luscious vocals and tantalizing instrumentals; truth and tonic all in a single sweet bluegrass dose."  Portland Tribune

"Kent is afforded ample room to reveal the depths of her soul, which she does to haunting effect on 'Little Maggie.' But on 'Never My Love,' the mood takes you on a completely different sojourn back to the days of brightly colored T-shirts and 3 minute radio hits with this Association cover done brilliantly as bluegrass." -The Columbian 

"Appaloosa Daydream, the Urban Monroes’ third CD release; trots, gallops and sometimes flies across a 10-song soundscape of original and traditional bluegrass music. Songs like the upbeat and vocally divine original, “Lamp in the Window” can take you to a warm fire on a cold night, while the title track prances delightedly in a valley of instrumental bliss. Don’t be fooled by seeing “Little Maggie” on this CD’s track listing either. This is uncharted territory. That recognizable title could not prepare one for this sonic surprise package, with a performance as hauntingly beautiful as it is muscular. Combining motifs from Darling Corey and Little Maggie, the band’s arrangement exchanges energy from moment to moment like the ebb and flow of ocean waves as this trail again leads to the unexpected and exciting.


With enduring arrangements and some clever musical horse sense, the Urban Monroes nimbly negotiate a path to discover the unexplored in the midst of some familiar and some not-so-familiar terrain. The CD lays out that fresh panorama in eloquent testimony of the band’s talent. "

  - Fireball Mail agazine

“When four talented musicians convert four very different acoustic instruments into one blended sound it is what I call magic...crisp, sweet and truly captivating.” -The Daily Reed

"Your Appaloosa Daydream is MY all-time favorite...

You would not believe how much we listen to your music while in the shop building banjos!  Your music is very inspirational"

Doc Huff- Doc's Banjos

-"Love the CD!" - Jeff Eads WNKU's Front Portch

"a GREAT album! " Linda Guebert KPFX's Denim Alley



"I just LOVE Little Maggie. I can't sit still while listening to it. I'm an old Irish dancer so out comes the Irish dancing!"-Fan Review

"Oh that was just plain awesomeness there!!!!!!!!!"~Fan Review

"The musicianship here is outstanding. Great intertwining of instruments its like they are talking to each other". ~Fan Review

WOW! BRILLIANT! EXCELLENT! It is delightful and a great pleasure to listen to your tuneful, harmonious, moving, optimistic and wonderful music. Great tracks, great tunes great musicians, and fascinating and gorgeous vocals. AMAZING!"~ Fan Review


"Wow!! First time I heard "Never Mind Love" in a bluegrass style and I must say it sounds really AWESOME!!! Harmonies are off the chart!! Great job!!!"-Fan Review



"Portland swings, the fiddle does too. Glass that’s blown, grass that’s blue. The sweet sweet smell of a garden rose. The sweet sweet sound of the Urban Monroes! "  ~Fan Review